About the Conference

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Automotive Computing Conference US, which will offer a distinct and unique experience compared to our esteemed German Conference. While both conferences share the excitement of exploring the transformation of classic vehicles into modern, software-defined vehicles and IoT devices, there are notable differences in format and focus.

At the German Conference, we emphasize the challenges of security, functional safety, cloud connectivity, and the growing complexity of vehicle design. Our aim is to revolutionize traditional approaches and align them with the needs of the automotive industry. Esteemed speakers delve into the world of automotive high-performance computing, covering a wide range of aspects.

In contrast, the Automotive Computing Conference USA takes a broader perspective on the future requirements of high-performance computing. We delve into the impact of E/E architecture on domain computing and explore the potential of hyperscaling and cloud computing. This conference aims to revolutionize traditional approaches specifically for the US automotive industry, aligning them with its unique needs and challenges.

By attending our US conference, you will gain valuable insights into the distinct aspects of the American automotive industry and stay ahead in this dynamic field.
Block your calendar for March 26 and 27, 2024, and join us in Detroit for this groundbreaking event.

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Members of the Advisory Board

Stefan Bürkle Robert Bosch
Robert Day Arm
John Kapinos Synopsys
Alexander Lenk Amazon
Jan Rüdiger Elektrobit
Martin Schleicher Contintental